Using a modern drone to recreate a helicopter shot from the 1990s


We received a message from a homeowner in York along with this photo (right) of the Holgate Windmill. The owner explained they bought this aerial photo in the early 1990s showing their home and the windmill.
Since the original photo, there's been significant changes, not only to their home, but to the windmill and surrounding area. They asked if it was possible to recreate this photo using our drone and aerial photography skills. 

We start with researching the location and checking all local restrictions. Once we've establish it's safe and legal to fly we informed the owner it would not only be possible to recreate this single shot, but we can take an array of photos including on their property, the windmill, their garden and anything else they wanted to see.


We arrived on location and spoke to several neighbours informing them of our intentions. While there's no legal requirement for this, we think it's politer and avoids any unwanted attention.

We spoke to the client about the shots we could get before setting up and flying. Arriving, speaking to neighbours, getting the shots and packing away all took less than an hour. 

Using a drone is cost effective, quicker and safer than sending a helicopter over the location with a photographer leaning out the window. Our images are hi resolution and we can process them in Lightroom or Photoshop, enhancing colours and contrasts, removing cars or unwanted objects. 

The image (right) shows one of the wider angled shots we got, while below is a side by side of original ~1990 and our 2021 drone photo.

Note - the website images are compressed. 

Holgate Windmill-9.jpg
Side by side.jpg

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss aerial photography or videography.

Holgate Windmill-9-model village.jpg