Whether you're selling and want your listing to stand out, need to inspect a roof or chimney or just would like to see things from a different angle, please get in touch to discuss.
We can discuss estate agent packages for repeat services. 



FROM £69*

Aerial photos, videos and feature videos.

We start by discussing exactly what you're looking for or want to achieve. 
Before the flight day we complete all the necessary checks including risk assessments, checking any no flight zones and weather forecasts. 
We'll turn up ready to fly having organised the best time/day with weather in mind. 
Capture as many photos and videos as we can in the time slot and from the warmth of our office, either send you the unedited files or create your feature.

Edited photos can maximise colours and highlight features. We can also include an edited feature video combining the footage we have taken.


*A travel cost of £0.50 per mile may apply.
Terms and conditions of sale apply.