The Lime Tree Inn is a beautiful new country pub in our home village of Great Ouseburn. Originally due to open early 2020, they faced numerous delays and set backs with the infamous Coronavirus.

Finally opening their doors on September 10th, we reached out and discussed creating some promotional material showcasing their fantastic rural location, excellent food and wonderful interior. 

We started the project getting all the exterior shots. 
The aptly named "The Lime Tree Inn" was tucked behind a row of large historic lime trees, making exterior shots showing the pub a challenge. 

It took several takes, but I managed capture to the opening shot I wanted by flying through a small opening in the branches to reveal the pub name and logo. I think I clipped a few leaves but both tree and drone were unscathed! 

The other exterior shots included a fly over with focus in and a pan backwards and out as the closing shot. I came back in the evening to make the most of the "golden hour" for the closing shot. 
Interior shots were captured on a handheld camera at 4K with a motion stabiliser gimbal.

The video was edited in Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro, which allowed transitions, logo overlays and animations and some of the best colour correcting options.


See the final video below and check out The Lime Tree Inn here. 

Rob and Helisa.jpg

Rob and Heloisa Mitchell

We worked with Aerial Advantage on creating some great video footage for our new business and from the start we knew we had chosen the right people for the job.
If you are looking for a company that can help your business stand out from the crowd whilst working in a relaxed, but professional manor then we can highly recommend Toby at Aerial Advantage.